Douffe Cuvée Saint-Georges 5,5% – 33cl


Thirsty blonde with notes of white grapes !
Natural Belgian beer unfiltered and re-fermented in the bottle.

You can get our Douffe Cuvée Saint-Georges in these establishments.


Our famous Cuvée Saint-Georges !!!

A 5.5% thirsty blonde created especially during the Doudou 2019 edition.

A fresh and tangy attack, an expiration of white grapes and a slight bitterness which gives you a fruity sensation with notes of “Come back” !

Douffe Cuvée Saint-Georges is a light beer made in Belgium.

Douffe is a Belgian craft beer brewed in the Mons region by the “Caves de Saint-Georges”. Each of our beers is unfiltered and re-fermented in the bottle for even more flavors.

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