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La Douffe Belgian Strong Ale La Douffe West Coast I.P.A.
La Douffe "Blanche de Mons" La Douffe Dark Strong Ale
La Douffe cuvée Saint-Georges La Douffe White Lime
La Douffe Bitterjuice  

It was in May 2017 that Douffe beer was born, from the common passion of friends, great lovers of craft beers and local products. And if at the start, the idea seems to start from a schoolboy joke around a glass, it will end up around a tank to learn how to create your own beer.

Eager to continue their discoveries and create new flavors, while refining and sharing their knowledge, it is within the non-profit organization “Les Caves de Saint Georges”, created in April 2018, that they are now involved.

In this organization, they indeed offer discovery workshops, initiations and training in the art of brewing. Each workshop is open free to any adult and takes place at home (at the headquarters of the organization or at the interested party).

“Each Douffe is unique, but it is important to find for yourself the path that leads to it. (proverb from Mons)

Thanks to our short training on the theme “I will brew at home“, we propose to enlighten you on this path.

Our workshops take place in three phases :

  • Discovery and tasting : the origins of beer, its different versions, the discovery of the aromas and flavors that compose it.
  • Initiation : theory on brewing processes, hygiene, equipment to acquire to be autonomous, as well as the creation of original recipes.
  • Training : putting into practice the actual brewing, from fermentation to bottling.

For any information on our workshops, do not hesitate to contact us by email via this link.


To support its operation and thus maintain its autonomy and its own values, the organization sells its own products. You will find our online store on this site, but you can also count on various points of sale to get our products.
You can also find us throughout the year, during various local events and festivities. Visit our Facebook page to stay tuned.

For each new creation, we try to provide you new sensations. Each recipe is original and has its own character, like each Douffeur !

Les Caves de Saint-Georges